About this Blog

If you look up the definition for the word “design”, you find mentioned the words: plan, scheme or guide.  To us, however, design is also about problem solving and by necessity, defining problems.  That said, the central purpose of this Blog is to provide information to help you make better choices as it relates to your home, both the physical structure and living in it.  We intend to raise issues for your consideration – defining problems, and provide some guidance on making the better choices – problem solving.

We also hope to address topics that will, in some small way, make you a better informed consumer. We may Blog, for example, about Green Building, energy savings or even about where to go out to dinner.  We will also share our thoughts about home maintenance, “Aging-in-Place” or, perhaps, “Universal Design”.

Occasionally we will bring you news regarding New Home Building, Remodeling and Real Estate as it relates to S.E. Michigan and our company, Robert R. Jones Homes.  We hope to provide an insider’s view of the business which we think will benefit you.  We will also bring you news of activities in Clarkston, the community where we are currently building, and S.E. Michigan, where we both build and remodel.


Kevin Fox

Blog Administrator

Design <> Construction <> Marketing – Robert R. Jones Homes

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