I Wish I’d Thought About That – Garages

The reaction to the Robert R. Jones Homes, Dover model’s 4 car garage by male visitors is one of delight. Since we are still the Motor City, we have lots of visitors who work in the industry. They often comment that their next home will have a larger garage. When asked what they currently have, they usually respond that they have a 3 car garage and can’t park 2 cars in it and still have room for bikes, toys and lawn equipment. I often hear the comment that they would buy the model just for garage.

As the conversation progresses, they often ask about the home adjacent to the model. It has an attached 2 1/2-car garage, plus a 2-car garage, connected to the home by a Porte Cochere. This really fascinates them. When asked how they would use the separate garage, they comment that it would be their workshop, a place for a small watercraft or a get-away just for him.

Another option we built on a nearby home is a stacked garage consisting of a courtyard entry 2 1/2-car garage directly above 3-car garage located at the basement walkout level. This is a unique way to achieve a 5 1/2-car garage, but it requires a special lot and the proper grading.  Prior to the sale of that home, which had been our Fairfield model; it was always fun to take visitors to the basement which had a door leading to the lower garage. “Wow” was their reaction. They felt as though they were in “Garage Heaven”. Their wives; however, thought they were in “Garage Overload” until they realized it was the perfect set-up for their teenagers’ cars.

Many visitors shared the fact that they were car collectors and thought the space was perfect for storing their “Toys”. They would no longer need to pay a storage fee or make an appointment to pick up one of their cars.

If the above concepts are budget prohibitive, there is always the option of storing cars one above the other by means of a car lift. This is a less expensive way to utilize the car storage space by taking advantage of interior garage height. This option requires discussion before the building process starts, as it requires sufficient height, special high-lift garage door tracks and side mounted garage door operators. The discussion and selection of the Homesite is essential when considering the upper and lower garage as well as the Porte Cochere option as not all of the home sites will accommodate these options.

These are some features to consider if you choose to “Customize” the garage in your new home:

  • Enlarging both front-to-back and side-to side dimensions to accommodate car storage, workbench, cabinetry and/or shelving
  • Epoxy or other floor coating
  • Insulated overhead doors
  • Additional insulation in garage walls and ceiling
  • Additional electrical outlets and switches
  • Additional ceiling lighting – fluorescent lights that will operate in cold temperatures are now available
  • Water source for car washing
  • Heating and cooling
  • Stairs from garage to basement

Soon it will be the “Woodward Dream Cruise” event here in the Detroit area. This also inspires many car collectors to drive their prized vintage cars through Deerwood and The Manors communities. The roads are paved and the speed limit is 25 mph; therefore, they can safely drive through our scenic development without hurried drivers and blaring horns.  Alas, the only onlookers will be the deer and the occasional jogger.


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