Michigan Renaissance Festival

If you are looking for a family activity that is close to home, perhaps you should consider the Michigan Renaissance Festival.  The Festival is located in Holly, Michigan, just 3 miles north and east of I-75 exit 101, off of Dixie Hwy.  The festival is open weekends from late August until the first weekend in October.

The Michigan Renaissance Festival started in 1979 at a location near Clarkston, but moved to its permanent home near Holly in 1985.  The setting for the festival is a small village during the English Elizabethan era. The late 16th century was a time of Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare and the English Renaissance. The 312 acre site, now called Hollygrove, has 18 acres devoted to the actual village with more than 200 permanent structures including 17 stages and numerous period market stalls.

The action takes place on the stages as well as in the streets or lanes as they are called.  There are sword fighting and jousting demonstrations, musicians, juggling acts, and a variety of other activities.    The lanes are filled with arts and craft vendors, including several devoted to swords, costumes, and leather goods.  All the actors and merchants are arrayed in period dress.  Many of the patrons dress in costume as well which adds to the believability.  The lanes are ‘paved’ with wood chips which lends a wonderful, dusty kind of realism to the venue.  Feasts are held twice daily to compliment the many food vendors.  Each weekend has a theme with special activities and competitions.  Pets are welcome at the Festival with Labor Day weekend devoted to Pet Fest.

For more information on weekend themes, directions and tickets visit the official website here: MI Renaissance Festival Website

 The hours are 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, weekends only (plus Labor Day).


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