Greenfield Village

Fall is a great time to break up the weekend routine.  If you’re looking for a family activity, that’s close to home and not too expensive, how about a world-class attraction located in your back yard: GreenfieldVillage.

Greenfield Village has great programs running every weekend this fall.  September has Fall Flavor Weekends while October has Halloween themed weekends.  The year wraps up in December with Holiday Dining, Holiday Nights and Dining with Santa.  The Holiday activities feature:

  • Live Music
  • Model T and horse-drawn wagon rides
  • Ice Skating
  • Historic Presenters in Costume
  • Candle-lit Paths
  • Holiday Shops
  • Bonfires and Fireworks
  • Historically authentic holiday meals at the Eagle Tavern

Earlier this September the Village hosted an Old Car Festival which featured hundreds of antique cars built between 1890 and 1932. The Village’s historic homes and buildings provided the perfect backdrop for those classic cars.

Greenfield Village, located in Dearborn, Michigan takes up approximately 90 acres of an overall 240 acres site.  Since 1933, Henry Ford has had nearly 100 historic buildings relocated to the Village.  Some of those historic buildings include:

  • Luther Burbank’s birthplace and office
  • The Wright Brother’s cycle shop
  • Henry Ford’s home
  • Thomas Edison’s Menlo Park workshop and his Fort Meyers Laboratory
  • Stephen Foster’s home

You can find out more about all the upcoming events at Greenfield Village, Henry Ford Museum and the IMAX Theater by clicking on the links below.  The websites provide a wealth of information about each venue which will make your visit educational as well as fun.

Greenfield Village

Henry Ford Museum

IMAX Theater

Directions to the Henry Ford


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