Staging Your Home for Sale

In today’s competitive Real Estate market, it is more important than ever, to outshine the competition.

  • Get rid of any odors, especially mildew odors, cigarette, cigar smoke and pet odors
  • Move litter boxes so they are out of sight; clean them daily
  • Remember, if you can smell it, you can’t sell it
  • Get rid of clutter.  If you can’t identify your own clutter, have a friend help point it out
  • Put photos away; they may be a distraction to the potential buyers who need to envision themselves living in the home

The Kitchen is the most important room in your house in terms of getting potential buyers to commit to a purchase.

  • Clear the countertops of everything you can live without. Leave a bowl of fruit or lemons on the countertop
  • Clean the sink well; if it’s stainless steel, wipe it down with WD-40 when it is dry
  • Clean the faucets with alcohol; even vodka will do the trick
  • Replace oven racks and burner pans
  • Store the garbage under the sink along with sponges, soaps and the like
  • Straighten the pantry and group items together
  • Remove all magnets and children’s artwork from the refrigerator
  • Move calendar, schedules and other necessary items to the side of the refrigerator
  • Rid the refrigerator of odors
  • Clean the refrigerator door

The Living, Dining and Family Rooms should be sparsely decorated to make them appear as large as possible.

  • Extra chairs can be moved to the Master Bedroom or Basement
  • Have the carpeting cleaned if necessary
  • Clear off coffee tables and end tables to just 2 or three well-chosen magazines and one nice vase or statuary
  • Clear off the dining room table except for one nice centerpiece. Remove the tablecloth to show the beauty of the table
  • Remove extra table leaves to make it smaller and thereby make the room appear larger

The Master Bedroom and Bath are important highlights after the kitchen. No matter whether you have a 60’s bath or a high-end modern one, it too, should be staged.

  • Have a full roll of toilet tissue folded hotel-style, at the end. Put down the lids
  • Place a fresh bar of soap at the sink
  • All fixtures and everything in the bath should be ultra clean
  • Store toothbrushes, cosmetics and containers under the sink
  • Put luxury towels, tri-folded, on towel racks or roll them on shelves.

A home that has been properly staged must also be presented to each potential buyer in its best possible light. Before All showings:

  • Set the stage—Lights, music, action!
  • Open all blinds and drapes
  • Vacuum the carpeting
  • Turn on ALL lights and lamps
  • Put the garage doors down

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