To Remodel or Not To Remodel …

Since the economy has slowed down, most of us are afraid to dip into savings or income because banks are making it more difficult to get loans. We think that holding on to our money in case times get worse is the best way to go. However, most people don’t know the smart ways to invest in their home. Remodeling is an investment that can help in the long run.

The first step towards successful Home Improvement Remodeling is to find out how much your home is presently worth.

The next thing you need to know is the top sales price in your area for totally updated and renovated homes of the same approximate size as your home.  You can start this investigation by talking to neighbors who have just sold their homes, by scanning your local newspaper, by searching your local area on the internet, talking to real estate agents who have an in-depth knowledge of your area and finally by visiting other homes for sale in the neighborhood to see what they have to offer that your home does not.

The end result of this search will give you the present top or “ceiling” price for similar homes in your area. The difference between the present value of your home and the “ceiling “ price of similar homes in your area is your maximum Home Improvement Remodeling budget for all and any work you plan to have done around your home.

Choosing the right project for your home remodeling is easier if you have seen the standard of finish and amenities featured in top priced homes in your area, the ones that are selling and not sitting on the market.

  • Kitchen Remodeling – An updated kitchen including energy efficient appliances, plumbing, wiring, flooring, lighting, quality cabinetry and countertops go a long way in raising the saleability value of your home.
  • Bathroom Remodeling – The more up-to-date facilities your bathroom offers the better, like Jacuzzi tub, spacious walk-in shower with body massaging jets, neutral tile and updated fixtures and lighting. The key here, as in the kitchen, is not over spending on designer fixtures and fittings when good quality options would update your project, reflect the value of your home and fit your remodeling needs.
  • Master Bathroom – The most popular home improvement remodeling options for the master bedroom is the inclusion of a master bath, and if space allows, a walk-in closet and/or dressing area. The potential for maximum results may be determined by any available space situated beside the present master bedroom, i.e. a small spare room that you can incorporate without adversely affecting the value of your home.
  • Energy Efficient Equipment – In all home types, updating all fuel consuming equipment for energy efficient options is going to be a solid investment now, on saved energy bills, and a great selling point backing up the value of your home in the future.
  • Exterior Renovations – Nine out of the ten most cost-effective projects, nationally, in terms of value recouped, are exterior replacement projects. These include front entry door replacement, siding replacement, both fiber-cement and foam –backed vinyl, window replacement and garage door replacement with an insulated steel door.


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