It’s all in the Details

Whether you are building new or just remodeling, here are a few ideas worth considering.  These fall into the category of quality over quantity, a new and much needed trend in home building today.

  • Shutters

In most parts of the country shutters are simply decoration.  They are commonly used, but unfortunately have suffered from ‘track building syndrome’ or the application of ‘cheap and uninformed’.  To function properly, shutters must be sized correctly – a pair should cover the window, and be hinged.  Assuming your home has properly sized shutters, why not consider installing them with hinges and shutter dogs (to hold them in the open position).  Shutters mounted in this fashion just look right.  They add shadows to your elevation because they aren’t nailed solid to the building.  A small touch, but worth the small extra expense.

  • Tile rugs

This idea is just a detail to break up large areas of tile flooring.  Typically you might do in a bathroom.  They can be elaborate with special tiles or just executed with tiles of a contrasting color.

  • Shower recesses

This idea is an alternative to the typical corner shower shelf.  Install these in a shower wall stud space backed with plywood.  This works better in a 2×6 wall.  Don’t try this in an exterior wall, however.  If you make the recess tall enough you can create intermediate, 12” high shelves with scrap pieces of marble or solid surfacing material.

  • Pocket offices

Busy homeowners need a spot to keep mail, bills, records, and etc. all in one central location.  Traditionally a Kitchen or Library desk has fulfilled this need, all be it poorly.  A desk usually doesn’t have enough storage and who wants to look at a metal 4-drawer file cabinet?  The answer is the pocket office.  A tiny space adjacent to one of the living areas in the home with enough space for a small desk and a file cabinet.  Ideally, there is room enough for a computer.  Another must have feature is a wall cabinet with mail cubbies for storing supplies, sorting and prioritizing mail and bills.  A small window would be a nice addition but not necessary.  A must-have feature for the pocket office to work properly is a door; if possible it should be a pocket door.  You must be able to close it off as they tend to be messy and unsightly.

  • Drop lockers

Kids, backpacks, boots; the list goes on. You only need about a 12” x 48” space to make this detail happen.

  • Master closet islands

These make sense if combined with smaller Master Bedrooms because they reduce the need for bedroom furniture and help consolidate most of the clothing in a single location.

  • Master Bath Book Niche

You know you need this.  Why live with a pile of books or magazines on the floor when you can organize!  These can be recessed or carved out of a thickened wall.  They can also be built with storage for toilet paper or extra reading material.


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