Oakland County Farmers’ Market

A Saturday trip to the Oakland County Farm Market provides an enjoyable shopping experience for adults and children alike.  It is an indoor/outdoor market featuring approximately 20 vendors on Saturday, although fewer on Tuesday and Thursday.  The market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, from 6:30 am until 2:00 pm, from May through Christmas.

There are several flower vendors who sell annuals, perennials and cut flowers. The selections are varied and plentiful. The vendors are pleasant and knowledgeable. The prices are reasonable and if you purchase more than you can carry, there are carts available for your use.

Inside the facility, there are vendors who sell various food items.  At one stand alone, you can find fresh eggs, honey, snacks and bags of fresh roasted peanuts. If you get thirsty, the vendor has a supply of cold drinks in his refrigerator.

In this same section, there are tables displaying fragrant soaps, floral arrangements and scenic photography.

In the rear section of the building, you can find a beautiful display of floral arrangements, both real and artificial. The creator of these arrangements leaves her farm in Imlay City at 4:00 am. She will do special orders and always has a varied selection for sale. She is one of the “Long-Time” vendors.  Across from her area, there is a display of hand-knitted baby clothes, blankets and jewelry.

Nearby, there is a table filled with fresh Michigan strawberries and raspberries and will soon be filled with Michigan blueberries. At this table you can taste before you buy.

There are 2 tables in this section filled with baked items, such as cookies, cakes and sweet potato pies. The aroma is very enticing.

Soon the farmer with peaches and apples will be in place. This man is a delightful character who looks like a remnant from the “Wild West”. Until last year, he cooked his lunch on a small appliance. He can no longer do this as it does not comply with the fire ordinance.

It’s not too late to buy vegetable and herb plants for the garden.  I saw booths outside with both Basil and Pepper plants.  Soon the fresh vegetables will be lining the tables in this section. In addition to these, will be the long-time vegetable stand vendors outside of the building. They have provided fresh corn, several varieties of tomatoes, including “Heirloom” tomatoes, squash, beans, potatoes, sweet corn and Howell melons for many years.  Right now there are potatoes, radishes, early squash, carrots and onions.

At any given time in mid to late summer, you can choose produce from at least ten outside stands. Their trucks are lined up behind the stands. Some stands are operated by three generations of farmers.  In this section, there is also a vendor selling Chinese cabbage and spinach as well as other items related to Asian cooking.

In late August through October, there are many varieties and sizes of pumpkins and gourds, as well as colorful displays of mums.

The Oakland County Farm Market is a fascinating place and, more importantly, it provides us an opportunity for supporting our local farmers. The market is located at 2350 Pontiac Lake Road, Waterford, MI.


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