Woodward Dream Cruise 2011

It’s that time again – time to wax up the car, grab a cooler full of cold drinks, snacks, your favorite lawn chairs and head out to Woodward Avenue, Detroit Michigan.  The celebration of Detroit Iron is in full swing

The official Cruise takes place Saturday, August 20, but the cruisers have been out in full force since Monday.  This year is the 17th rendition of this annual meeting of car fans who grew up cruising from the Totem Pole restaurant in Royal Oak to Ted’s in Bloomfield.  Saturday’s cruise extends from 8-Mile Road, at the Ferndale-Detroit border, north to Pontiac. The official hours are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.

The cruise is best experienced from a vantage point somewhere along the 16 mile route.  Pick a shady spot, sit back and enjoy the classic cars.  Joining the cruise is not the best way to see the cars.  During the day on Saturday, Woodward Ave becomes a parking lot, gridlocked through Royal Oak and Birmingham.  Joining this mess is a great way to the see the same cars for an hour or two as you creep along at 3 miles per hour.

Here are a few ways to experience the Cruise without contributing to the traffic snarl:

    • If you want to drive the length of the Cruise, do it very early on Saturday.  There will be plenty of cars to see parked along Woodward or driving slowly in the 2 curb lanes
    • Drive to one of the event locations (via roads that aren’t named Woodward), park in one of the designated areas and mingle among the cruisers
    • Hop on your bike and ride among the cars and spectators. This is one time 2 wheels beat 4 wheels
    • Grab a spot along Woodward in a city not named Royal Oak or Birmingham.  At either end of the cruise, there are lots of spots to sit, many of them shaded.  The traffic is much lighter yet there are still plenty of cars to see

      The Woodward Dream Cruise is a great family outing that can be enjoyed for a couple of hours or all day.  For more information check out the official Woodward Dream Cruise website here:


Final thoughts:  Don’t forget your camera and don’t drink and drive.


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