Spring is Here … Well, Almost

Here in Michigan, we have had spring teaser days, on and off, for almost three weeks. The forecast for this week promises to bring even warmer days. We know winter isn’t over until mid to late April in the lower part of Michigan so we try to enjoy the balmy spring weather whenever we can. Yesterday was a beautiful day, and better yet, it was Sunday, so many of us could get outside and enjoy the day.

The signs of spring were apparent. Mallard ducks were out on Quarton Lake in Birmingham. The weeping willow trees were yellow against the bright blue sky. Dog walkers and walkers alike were out everywhere. Parks and playgrounds were filled with children and their parents or nannies. Outdoor tables at restaurants were occupied with customers wanting to savor the first real taste of spring. Ice cream store owners enjoyed a briskly, successful day.

On the way back home I encountered 40 cyclists, paired in twos, racing down Cranbrook Road. This took a bit of patience on the part of drivers trying to get by them on a narrow road. It also brought to mind how vigilant we need to be when the warm weather arrives.

Along the east side of Lahser Road, near Quarton Road, there were two geese headed to an open ditch at the side of the road. Soon we will see them, with their offspring, swimming in the ponded water. Again, we will need to exercise caution as the geese and their goslings will wander across the road. I also spotted a red winged blackbird perched atop the marsh grass, undoubtedly, its nest was underway.

The birds have returned and soon their songs will fill the air. The birds are busy gathering materials for building their nests. Their nests will not only be in trees, but also on ledges, in chimneys, on balconies and occasionally on the ground.

Last year I had the thrill of watching a pair of mourning doves build a nest in a floral arrangement on a side wall of my porch. It was exciting to see the eggs hatch and the adult birds feed the little ones. It wasn’t long before the little ones left the nest. I hope they return this year. I have cleaned the area where the nest was, as suggested on an online bird site. The site stated that birds will return as long as the old nest has been removed and the site is clean.

It is likely the snow and cold will return again, but at least we know that spring is not far behind, and warm, sunny days are ahead.

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