Amazing Michigan

The Michigan State Motto is, “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look around you”.  You don’t have to drive far to see the beauty of Michigan. In Oakland County alone, there are 358 lakes and 13 county parks. Every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day, the traffic going north on I-75 is steady, and at times   a standstill. This lends testimony to the fact that we Michiganders love our lakes, county and state parks, campgrounds, resorts and cottages.

One of the most scenic routes, M-119, starts at an intersection with US 31 in Harbor Springs. From Harbor Springs on, M-119 is the Tunnel of Trees Scenic Heritage Route. The roadway meanders through oaks, maples, birch and cedars along an old Ottawa Trail. Occasionally, you can catch glimmers of Lake Michigan through the trees, but the dense foliage lends beauty to the winding road. Along this area of the route, the highway narrows in width and continues through the forest without a center-line most of the remainder of the way. The road continues through the community of Good Hart up the Lake Michigan shoreline to the Community of Cross Village. There it ends at the intersection between Lake Shore Drive and State Road in the middle of town.

A highlight of historic Cross Village is the Legs Inn. It is a stone and log structure built on a high bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. The fantasy-like atmosphere of this medieval looking stone, timber and driftwood landmark was created by a Polish immigrant, Stanley Smolak. He fell in love with northern Michigan and its people, many of them Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and decided to settle in Cross Village in 1921.

A blend of Old World European and Indian cultures creates a memorable atmosphere at The Legs Inn. The entry foyer, tavern, game and dining rooms are all filled with an intriguing collection of nature and hand carved furniture such as whimsical creations made of tree stumps, twisted limbs and roots, driftwood sculptures and massive fieldstone fireplaces. The grounds consist of beautifully manicured gardens. If you are there at sunset, you may be lucky enough to get outside seating and watch a captivating sunset over Lake Michigan.

The Legs Inn was identified by The Detroit Free Press as one of fourteen Great Michigan Eats in the State of Michigan. It is the only restaurant in the Lower Peninsula, north of Traverse City, receiving such a distinction.

While Authentic Polish cuisine is their specialty, delicious American entrees, including local fresh Whitefish are also served. The Smolak family, now in their third generation, is dedicated to making your visit to Legs Inn an unforgettable experience, which will have you returning often with family and friends. This amazing restaurant, along with the spectacular route 119 leading to it, has been acknowledged and praised by major magazines, TV broadcasters, newspapers, travel related web sites, tour guides and guests from across the country and around the world.

Location: 6425 N. Lake Shore Drive

PO Box 157

Cross village, MI  49723

P: (231) 526 – 2281

Legs Inn – Michigan


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