What Flowers Should You Plant In April?

April is typically a good time to start planning your landscape and the design of your yard. You can select from many different types of flowers to plant in April, after the frost warnings have passed for your particular planting zone. The Metropolitan Detroit area is in zone five. If you purchase plants from a nursery, the pots generally have markers attached to them that suggest when they can be planted.

Pansies (jeltovski | morgueFile.com)

Photo credit: jeltovski | morgueFile.com

Pansies come in a large number of varieties for shapes and colors. They are a short plant that is excellent for borders on flower beds and bulb beds, container pots and at the base of mailboxes.

Pulmonaria or Blue Ensign
Do you need ground cover in a shady spot of the yard? Pulmonaria, also known as Blue Ensign is perfect to plant in April in bare spots and under trees, along fences or at the base of mailboxes. The plant is tolerant of most soil conditions and spreads rapidly.

Dicentra Spectabilis (Bleeding Heart) (jdurham | morgueFile.com)

Photo credit: jdurham | morgueFile.com

Dicentra Spectabilis
The Dicentra Spectabilis blooms with a spray of beautiful pink flowers that look almost like hearts. The plant is tolerant of various soil conditions and does well as a ground covering. You can mix it with the Blue Ensign to create an area of blue and pink flowers for a very dramatic look.

Akebia Quinata
Archways, gazebos and decks are ideal areas to plant Akebia Quinata flowers during April. The deep maroon or burgundy color of the flower clusters provide an excellent covering for these areas of the yard. These flowers are notorious for their heavy scent of vanilla or chocolate. Another advantage to these flowers is their evergreen quality. While they bloom in the spring, the green foliage after blooming is an attractive ground cover.

Sweet Williams (MUmland | morgueFile.com)

Photo credit: MUmland | morgueFile.com

Sweet Williams or Wee Willies
You can attract butterflies or hummingbirds to your yard later in the summer by planting Sweet Williams or Wee Willies in full sun during April. The striking shades of reds, pinks and white make these a great addition to your yard for a wildlife habitat or just to enjoy their natural colors. These flowers have a very pleasant, light scent and make an attractive centerpiece.

The tulips, daffodils and other bulbs that bloom in the spring are already showing their presence. They will compliment any of the above newly planted annuals and should satisfy the most avid gardeners until late May or early June when the late spring and early summer annuals and perennials can be planted.


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