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I Wish I’d Thought About That – Garages

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The reaction to the Robert R. Jones Homes, Dover model’s 4 car garage by male visitors is one of delight. Since we are still the Motor City, we have lots of visitors who work in the industry. They often comment that their next home will have a larger garage. When asked what they currently have, they usually respond that they have a 3 car garage and can’t park 2 cars in it and still have room for bikes, toys and lawn equipment. I often hear the comment that they would buy the model just for garage.

As the conversation progresses, they often ask about the home adjacent to the model. It has an attached 2 1/2-car garage, plus a 2-car garage, connected to the home by a Porte Cochere. This really fascinates them. When asked how they would use the separate garage, they comment that it would be their workshop, a place for a small watercraft or a get-away just for him.

Another option we built on a nearby home is a stacked garage consisting of a courtyard entry 2 1/2-car garage directly above 3-car garage located at the basement walkout level. This is a unique way to achieve a 5 1/2-car garage, but it requires a special lot and the proper grading.  Prior to the sale of that home, which had been our Fairfield model; it was always fun to take visitors to the basement which had a door leading to the lower garage. “Wow” was their reaction. They felt as though they were in “Garage Heaven”. Their wives; however, thought they were in “Garage Overload” until they realized it was the perfect set-up for their teenagers’ cars.

Many visitors shared the fact that they were car collectors and thought the space was perfect for storing their “Toys”. They would no longer need to pay a storage fee or make an appointment to pick up one of their cars.

If the above concepts are budget prohibitive, there is always the option of storing cars one above the other by means of a car lift. This is a less expensive way to utilize the car storage space by taking advantage of interior garage height. This option requires discussion before the building process starts, as it requires sufficient height, special high-lift garage door tracks and side mounted garage door operators. The discussion and selection of the Homesite is essential when considering the upper and lower garage as well as the Porte Cochere option as not all of the home sites will accommodate these options.

These are some features to consider if you choose to “Customize” the garage in your new home:

  • Enlarging both front-to-back and side-to side dimensions to accommodate car storage, workbench, cabinetry and/or shelving
  • Epoxy or other floor coating
  • Insulated overhead doors
  • Additional insulation in garage walls and ceiling
  • Additional electrical outlets and switches
  • Additional ceiling lighting – fluorescent lights that will operate in cold temperatures are now available
  • Water source for car washing
  • Heating and cooling
  • Stairs from garage to basement

Soon it will be the “Woodward Dream Cruise” event here in the Detroit area. This also inspires many car collectors to drive their prized vintage cars through Deerwood and The Manors communities. The roads are paved and the speed limit is 25 mph; therefore, they can safely drive through our scenic development without hurried drivers and blaring horns.  Alas, the only onlookers will be the deer and the occasional jogger.

Clarkston – Michigan

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Small Town – Huge Spirit

The Village of Clarkston, Independence Township, exemplifies the charm and graciousness of another era.  Words like quaint, charming, old-fashioned and picturesque came to mind on my first drive down Clarkston’s Main Street. I was attracted by Rudy’s market and decided to stop and get some refreshments. I was fortunate to get a parking space close to the market. Parking is limited on Main Street but upon closer inspection, I could see the nearby parking lots.

The first time I entered Rudy’s I was warmly greeted by the owner and his staff. They could not have been more attentive and helpful; they even asked me my name and made me feel right at home.  The array of prime meats and fresh fish was very impressive. The deli offered a variety of salads, sandwiches and pizza as well as tabbouleh, grape leaves and kibbi. The sandwiches were listed on chalkboards behind the counter. I was delighted to see and enjoy a turkey sandwich for under $5.00. There was even a family of Mallard ducks waiting for me outside the market when I left. They apparently waddled their way over from a nearby pond.

I have been back to Rudy’s many times since that first visit and have experienced the same service and graciousness as I did on the first visit. They still remember my name to this day. 

As I left Rudy’s, I decided to walk the rest of the business district, just two blocks long.  I was intrigued by what I saw. There were picturesque shops, a bakery and restaurants alongside real estate offices and a bank. Everyone I encountered on my walk was very friendly. I stopped to check out the bakery and decided to rest on the bench on the sidewalk. A couple came out of the bakery with treats for the Mallard ducks and sat down beside me. It was very apparent that they had a great love for the city and the surrounding area. They had grown up nearby and encouraged me to drive just a bit north of town to savor the beauty and charm of the historic homes that dotted both sides of the street. I could see the ponds directly behind these gracious old homes. It was apparent that the residents had a deep love for the city and had the desire to keep the Village of Clarkston and the surrounding area, a place worth coming to.

I have since witnessed a strong sense of community. On Friday evenings during July, there are free concerts in Depot Park, directly behind the business district. People of all age groups arrive with their lawn chairs to enjoy the music.

There are parades, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, for the celebration of Memorial Day, the 4th of July and Labor Day. The Clarkston Farmer’s Market is held in Depot Park every Sat. during July and August. One of the “Can’t Miss” events is the Taste of Clarkston where vendors from the various restaurants in Clarkston, offer samples of their specialties. Main Street becomes pedestrian only for this event and the crowd is enormous. Free parking is available at several locations.  There is also an Art-in-the-Park event that attracts a large crowd in June. A Holiday Lights parade is held every year in early December and includes a tree lighting ceremony. Volunteers also decorate the streets with garlands and lights. This is a very welcoming sight.

These events, created and sponsored by businesses, various civic and private organizations together with the efforts of countless volunteers, have earned the support of the local residents which has helped foster a strong sense of community, a sense of home and a sense of well-being.

 Check out what’s happening in Clarkston here:

Village of Clarkston – Events

Manors of Deerwood

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Robert R. Jones Homes is the sole builder in the final Phase (VIII) of the Manors of Deerwood.  The Manors is located approximately 2 miles north of the Village of Clarkston, Michigan.  The property was formerly farmland, but it is now nicely wooded. We are bordered on the East by Independence Oaks County Park and on the West by privately owned parcels, large enough to keep horses. To the north are 30 acres of privately owned land, yet to be developed and to the south are the earlier phases of the Manors of Deerwood.

The terrain is rolling and will accommodate both walk-out and daylight basement sites. Nine of the sites have been built on, including The Dover, our current model and information center. The available sites are large and range from 0.60 of an acre to over 2 acres.

When visitors wind their way back to our property, they are surprised by what they see. Every site has a variety of trees, and during the spring, summer and fall, a variety of wild flowers color the landscape. The atmosphere is very quiet and peaceful yet only minutes from I-75.

The deer wander out of the woods to feed on the wildflowers. Recently, a doe and her 3 fawns paid a visit to the site across from the model, enjoying a lunch of clover and other vegetation. Wild turkeys visit quite often. A pond, bordering the north end of the property, is home to frogs and turtles. Occasionally, a turtle winds its way onto the road in The Manors, to the delight of the children who live next door to the model. They are thrilled when they find a small tree frog in their mailbox.

When visitors stop in to tour the model, they often comment on the beauty and tranquility of the property. They often state that they did not know that it existed. We invite you to see for yourself by visiting us. We are open daily, except Thursday, from Noon until 6:00. A directional map is shown for your convenience. We hope to see you soon.

Map to the Manors of Deerwood

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