Give Spare Bedrooms a New Life

A spare bedroom is basically the cheapest space you can renovate because the changes are generally cosmetic. For example, you don’t have to move walls to give a spare room a new purpose. Below are some of the current trends in repurposing spare bedrooms.

  • Convert a spare bedroom into a dressing room/walk-in closet near the master bedroom.  This is an ideal space for neatly organizing shoes, purses, clothing, etc., a place you can step into and not jump from closet-to-closet to get dressed in the morning. Dressing rooms can be as practical or elaborate as you want them to be. Many of the components for creating an organized dressing room can be purchased from a home improvement store or there are closet organizing companies that will design and install closet systems in various price levels for you.
  • Move the laundry room upstairs.  This makes sense and saves time if all bedrooms are upstairs. An existing bedroom closet can serve as storage space for laundry supplies. This change will require the expertise of a licensed plumber and electrician.
  • Create a hobby room or art studio. You are more likely to pursue your hobby if you have a dedicated space that allows you to have your supplies readily available. Hobby and art supply stores sell stackable storage bins for supplies. Easels displaying artwork will add to the décor of the room.
  • Create a place for grandchildren to play. Clear out the bedroom furniture and put in a game table, chairs, free-standing book shelves and storage units for toys. Decorate with framed posters befitting the grandchildren’s ages and interests and they will enjoy their special place.
  • A Home Office can serve a dual purpose as a Guest Room. Daybeds, trundle beds and high-end pull-down beds are all making a comeback. In a dual-purpose bedroom such as a home office/guest room, daybeds really give you the best of both worlds. They provide a comfortable twin-sized bed and double as an attractive sofa while still allowing space for a desk.

At some point, every homeowner will have a spare room which is often cluttered and goes unused. Think about activities you want to do for which you don’t have room.  Write an action plan of what would need to change for a room to accommodate that activity. Tear out magazine photos for an idea file. Most of the changes are Do-it-yourself, weekend projects with little time and money spent.  Make it fun and enjoy the results.

For help with Re-purposing bedrooms or any other home renovation project, call me, Pat Hansen at 248-895-1115 or stop by our Model in the Manors of Deerwood


One Response to “Give Spare Bedrooms a New Life”

  1. Even a little rearranging of furniture can make big changes in look, flow and feel of a space.

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